Boatman Ricci is seeking to fill what it sees as some of the most critical positions within the Firm.  At BR, the hiring of a law clerk represents one of the key opportunities for the Firm to find someone very early in their career who can have a longterm impact on the Firm achieving its vision and mission.  For more information about the Firm and our Vision, please click here:  [INSERT LINK].  We are looking candidates from among the best and brightest law students who are looking for more than just a job.  We are looking for people who want to be part of a Firm with a fresh perspective on the practice of law, a Firm focused on excellence in culture and an abundance of long-term potential for its hires.   

Law clerks are an exciting opportunity for the Firm, because the Firm can choose from among the best and brightest law school scholars those individuals who are drawn to the Firm’s culture and who demonstrate, from the evidence supporting their candidacy, that they have the intellect, work ethic, and cultural temperament that makes them a good potential fit.  From the Firm’s perspective, the earlier such individuals can start to work with the Firm and show whether their practice is as promising as their candidacy, the sooner that individual can start advancing their own professional goals in concert with the Firm’s collective vision.

Advancing from Law Clerk to Associate

For law clerks to receive offers to join the Firm following law school, the Firm looks for clerks who demonstrate strong communication skills, both informally while interacting with other team members, as well as in their formal writing (memoranda, etc.).  Good grammar and mistake-free work product are a must.  

We also like to see evidence over the course of a clerkship that the clerk progressed in their relative situational awareness within the Firm, in terms of case management work-flow, time capture, and technology.  Of course, alignment with culture is critical as is a genuine sense that the clerk is happy at the Firm and looking to make a long term commitment if given the opportunity.


1. Conduct legal research, draft correspondence and draft legal documents at the highest quality commensurate with the level of your education and experience.

2. Collaborate with our team of attorneys and paralegals in to effectuate legal strategies.

3. Operate within a team structure to effectively facilitate the management of cases.

4. Effectively capture and bill all time expended in furtherance of your position.

5. Maintain high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in line with our firm’s values.


1. Attendance at an accredited law school carrying at least a 3.2 GPA.

2. Participation in Moot Court or Law Review or substantive extra-curricular endeavor.

3. Superior verbal and written communication skills.

4. Strong research, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

5. A commitment to uphold the firm’s values of being truth-guided, relationship-driven, excellent, intentional and innovative in the performance of your duties at the firm.

8. An open mindset towards faith and ability to respect diverse belief systems.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to providing an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and able to do their best work. We believe in promoting a culture where your faith and values are acknowledged and appreciated.

If you are a dedicated, hardworking individual looking to make a significant impact in your career and community, we would love to hear from you.