Florida Business Lawyer


In the business context, disputes can arise in various circumstances including conflicts between business partners, officers, or shareholders as well as conflicts that arise after the assets of a business are purchased by new owners or investors.  Business disputes can occur in any size business from fortune five hundred companies to tight-knit, family-owned operations. Conflict often starts small and escalates when appropriate action is not taken. The advice of an experienced attorney can often deescalate a conflict before it detrimentally affects the business. Whether you own your own business, are in business with several other parties, or are simply an investor in a business, it is vitally important that you seek the advice of an experienced attorney when conflict arises. 

Our Experience in Florida Business Disputes

Boatman Ricci focuses its practice on business and commercial litigation. Our attorneys have represented owners and investors in businesses ranging from local “mom and pop shops” to fortune five hundred companies. Furthermore, our attorneys have handled a variety of business disputes including lawsuits against shareholders who have embezzled funds for their own benefit, actions for breach of non-compete agreements after a total asset purchase, and business divorces. Read our blog article here. 

Our Approach to Florida Business Disputes

Boatman Ricci is Truth Guided. Our attorneys have diverse backgrounds handling disputes for businesses in many different markets. As a result, our attorneys are able to offer a both perspective and insight into each dispute and the relative strengths of different strategies from both a legal and a practical perspective. Our attorneys are committed to finding and implementing the most effective solutions to help our clients resolve disputes and make their businesses thrive.

No two businesses are alike. Every business is unique in the services or goods it provides, the methods it utilizes to create those goods and services, and the people it employs in order to run its operations. Therefore, every business dispute brings with it unique challenges and opportunities. Boatman Ricci is Relationship Driven, and seeks to provide services that are specifically tailored to each client’s needs and desired outcomes.

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