Criminal Defense Attorney




Criminal Defense Litigation covers everything arising from an interaction with law enforcement, from citation for a lapsed driver’s license to being arrested and held without bail.  The criminal process can be long, beginning with a First Appearance before a judge, where the bail amount is set. Additional events include Arraignments, Case Managements, Pre-Trial Hearings, Trial and Sentencing Hearings.  Even after the resolution of a case, an individual may choose to appeal, or need help if they find themselves at odds with their probation officer.  Because of the variety of legal issues and types of hearings, it is important to choose a firm with the experience and ability to achieve the best result possible at every step.

Our Experience as a Criminal Defense Law Firm

The attorneys at Boatman Ricci have represented Defendants with every type of case, and at every stage of the criminal justice process.  Although we are adept at handling cases as complicated as Homicide and Insurance Fraud, most people who find themselves entangled in the Criminal Justice system have far milder and simpler cases.  Nevertheless, we understand that every case is immensely important to each Defendant, and every Defendant deserves respect and zealous representation.

Our Approach as Criminal Defense Attorneys

The wheels of the criminal justice system are big and grind exceedingly fine, and, unfortunately, any individual caught in those wheels must fight to make the truth of their situation known.  From fixed bond schedules to mandatory minimum sentencing, the system is often blind to the uniqueness and truth of an individual Defendant.  Fortunately, the Bill of Rights and the Florida State Constitution provide a Defendant with powerful protections—provided those protections are skillfully and ably asserted in court. 

At Boatman Ricci, we are Truth Guided and believe that advocating from a position of objective truth provides the most secure defense, and the best chance in court. Boatman Ricci is Relationship Driven, and therefore, regardless of the size of a case, we are committed to providing the same high quality legal services to every client. We will fight to protect your liberty and your life.

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