Boatman Ricci and its affiliated legal counsel guide clients in estate planning and wealth transfer. Planning for the end of this life involves taking into consideration a variety different factors including what type of assets will be left upon death,  how those assets can be most efficiently transferred to their intended beneficiaries, and how best to plan for life’s many contingencies. From a simple estate plan involving very few assets to a complex transfer of assets including closely business interests, real estate, and other assets, creating an effective estate plan requires the guidance of a legal counselor with proven experience

Our Experience as Estate Planning Attorneys

The attorneys at Boatman Ricci have experience in a broad array of estate planning matters from simple estates to extremely complex inter-state estate plans. An effective estate plan involves much more than simply preparing a will or trust. Several different assets and asset ownership structures come into play, such as closely held businesses, real estate, life insurance, retirement accounts, financial accounts, and much more. Having both estate planning and trust and probate litigation experience, we are especially attuned to the many contingencies that may arise during the transfer of wealth after the passing of a loved one. 

Our Approach to Estate Planning

An effective estate plan must create harmony between one’s will/trust, entity documentation, beneficiary designations and existing asset title structures to make certain a particular asset or item of property passes to the intended family members, friends or charities. Our meticulous approach ensures that every detail of an estate plan in carefully reviewed as it is being created. Because we are Truth Guided, Relationship Driven, our guidance does not stop at the creation of the estate plan, but continues through helping loved ones navigate probate and trust administration following death to ensure the client’s estate plan is carried out. 

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