Fighting a Bank/Servicer/Investor leading up to or during a foreclosure lawsuit can seem insurmountable. Add to that the fear of losing your home, the potential effect on your finances, and the devastating effects to your family’s life and a foreclosure lawsuit is an extremely difficult burden to bear. With all this at stake, it is important that you hire a law firm that is client-focused and utilizes every method available to find the right relief for you and your family.

Our Experience in Foreclosure Defense

Boatman Ricci has successfully represented hundreds of clients in foreclosure defense cases throughout Florida.  As a result, our firm has vast experience in every stage of a foreclosure case, whether it be pre-suit, mediation, trial or on appeal. We have helped our clients successfully navigate every stage of the foreclosure process and have assisted them in achieving the results they needed.​

Our Approach to Defending Your Florida Foreclosure

Boatman Ricci takes a detail-oriented approach to foreclosures which includes a thorough review of the pleadings in the case with an assessment of potential defenses based upon the most current relevant case law.  It is critically important that each case be properly assessed given that the existence of defenses is the key to creating leverage for work-outs. Our firm not only handles the lawsuit, but we also assist in achieving short sales, loan modifications and other work-out options in order to reach the most favorable outcome for your specific situation. Our track record and reputation for successfully litigating foreclosure defense cases is one of the primary reasons we have a 10.0 Superb Rating by Avvo and regularly receive Lawyer.com’s Annual Client Distinction Award.