Homeowners and Condominium Association Law is a very complex area of law where legal representation is crucial throughout the entire conflict continuum, from pre-dispute to post-dispute. Pre-dispute, an attorney can be pivotal in preventing conflicts through general consultation, document review, and document amendment. During a dispute, an attorney can help guide a Homeowners Association, Condominium Owners Association, or individual through the process of dispute resolution in order to achieve their desired results as efficiently as possible. Post-dispute, an attorney can be paramount in assisting an HOA or COA in moving forward with final conflict resolution and implementation of future conflict prevention tools. 

Our Experience In Florida HOA/COA Law

Boatman Ricci has vast and wide-ranging experience representing parties on both sides of HOA/COA conflicts. To date, our attorneys have handled HOA/COA cases in over 30 counties within the state of Florida. Our firm has represented HOA/COA clients in every stage of the development of these associations, from representing developers operating developer-run associations, to representing associations and developers during turnover disputes to acting as general counsel to multiple local community associations. Our attorneys consistently advise clients on a number of legal issues facing community associations, including document creation, review and amendment; elections; insurance claims; covenant enforcement; and assessment collection. We have assisted countless individuals in resolving disputes with their associations involving anything from unfair application of association rules to complex disputes over association elections and management. We are well suited to assisting any client in any HOA/COA conflict.

​Our Approach to  HOA/COA Disputes

Disputes often involve several different parties who typically have extremely varying points of view. Balancing these viewpoints is critical in the HOA/COA arena in order to ensure that parties continue to live amicably amongst each other after the resolution of the conflict. That is why our approach of being Truth Guided is effective in creating long lasting solutions to issues. We believe the best solutions for parties on all sides of a dispute are those grounded in objective truth.

Hand in hand with being Truth Guided is the fact that we are Relationship Driven. We strive to create long lasting relationships with our clients by utilizing effective legal strategies that will achieve our client’s desired objective while also promoting harmony in the neighborhood. Said differently, while we are more than versed in litigating and are always prepared to move forward with litigation, we aim to resolve conflict with less abrasive methods first. Instead, we look to formulate an outcome that is practical and that will provide longevity of harmony in the community, prior to instituting legal action. Our approach gives clients the information and guidance they need to make decisions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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