​Landlord-tenant disputes can escalate very quickly and often unnecessarily. Decisions made by the landlord and/or the tenant during the early stages of a dispute can determine the ultimate outcome of a lawsuit or workout between the parties. Therefore, it is vital that anyone involved in a potential landlord-tenant dispute seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in landlord-tenant disputes. 

Our Experience in Landlord-Tenant Disputes and Evictions

Boatman Ricci has represented both landlords and tenants at various stages of conflict in a broad range of landlord-tenant disputes. The Firm has represented both commercial and residential landlords in matters ranging from renegotiating complex commercial leases to evictions of hostile tenants unlawfully possessing a property. The Firm has also represented tenants in matters ranging from disputes over miscalculated rent to defending wrongful lease terminations and evictions. Our extensive experience on both sides of landlord-tenant disputes gives Boatman Ricci an advantage over other firms who may only handle one side of these all too common disputes. As a result, our attorneys are able to accurately assess landlord-tenant conflicts and then advise our clients on the best strategy to achieve their desired outcome. 

Our Approach to Landlord-Tenant Disputes and Evictions

Landlord-tenant disputes can often be confusing and difficult for both parties involved as the disputes are governed by a complex system of Florida statutory and case law. Additionally, each party has certain rights and duties that are defined by the lease. Boatman Ricci is Truth Guided in its approach to all landlord-tenant disputes meaning it is committed to helping its clients understand their rights and duties both under the law and under the lease that governs the parties’ relationship. Our attorneys believe that clients make the best decisions when they are informed by the objective truth and reality of their position within a dispute.

Boatman Ricci is also Relationship Driven and understands the heavy costs associated with landlord-tenant disputes and litigation. As a result, our attorneys seek to leverage our clients’ resources in the most efficient way possible by providing creative, effective solutions to landlord-tenant disputes short of costly and often unnecessary litigation. Our attorneys are also sensitive to the fact that a landlord-tenant relationship, especially in the commercial context, is often long-term. This means that the parties will be required to work together even after a dispute is resolved. Our attorneys seek to provide the right solutions to help repair and re-establish healthy business relationships between the landlord and tenant after a dispute is resolved. Nonetheless, we recognize that some relationships are too broken to repair and must come to an end.  Our attorneys are well-equipped to aggressively fight for your rights as either a tenant or a landlord.

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