Boatman Ricci is dedicated to delivering cost-effective solutions to businesses and individual clients involved in real estate disputes. Real estate is governed by complex, esoteric and even archaic laws, and real estate transactions frequently require lengthy and complicated contracts, especially when dealing with commercial property.  Because real estate is frequently the most valuable asset a business or individual owns, a conflict involving real estate can have a huge financial impact. 

​Our Experience as Real Estate Lawyers

Our firm has represented and regularly represents landowners, landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers, associations and homeowners in a variety of commercial and residential real estate disputes.  We have represented clients in partition actions [Read Article Here], real estate contract disputes, land development disputes, commercial real estate contract disputes, and more. We offer our clients a wealth of knowledge and depth of experience in real estate law and litigation. 

​Our Approach to Real Estate Disputes

Because we are Truth Guided, our focus is to give our clients the “legal lay of the land,” in order to demystify and minimize the stress that can be involved in navigating the legal process. We will carefully explore and explain how to pursue a successful resolution for your particular situation. Because we are Relationship Driven, you will have the full force of our experienced staff, cutting edge technology, and knowledgeable attorneys behind you throughout the entire process. The decision of how far to pursue your claim or defense always remains with you, the client.

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